Carpet Cleaning


Your carpeting is an important and costly aspect of your home. With regular carpet cleaning and maintenance you can make your investment look better and last longer. Our professional carpet cleaners at RESTORE can help!

Whether you want to pro-actively care for new carpeting or bring new life back to your current floor covering, our expert crews will clean your carpet better than ever - or your money back!

Our Carpet & Rug Cleaning Process

At RESTORE, our rug and carpet cleaners use a process called “low moisture cleaning”, during which, a synthetic pH balanced cleaning solution is scrubbed into the carpet.

The patented process provides a more thorough cleaning, particularly on specific stains and in high traffic areas. Our system leaves the carpet residue free, staying clean longer and drying completely in just a few hours.

Carpet & Rug Cleaning Services

No other carpet cleaning company can match our service. Our rug and carpet cleaning related services include:

Carpet Cleaning - RESTORE's patented carpet cleaning system powers away dirt and stains that dull your carpet. Spots, stains, and high-traffic areas are pretreated, scrubbed, and extracted.

Our neutral cleaner base also deodorizes, and leaves no residue in the carpet, so new soil easily vacuums away!

Dupont Teflon MF - We are proud to offer Duplont Teflon protective sealant to help your carpets vacuum more efficiently, stay cleaner, and wear longer.

Carpet Deodorization - Our technicians have no less than five different systems (including electronic equipment that produces nature's most perfect deodorant - ozone gas) for permanent odor elimination from mildew, animals, and/or smoke.

Given the time and proper working conditions, one of our modern processes will eliminate even the most persistent odor problem.

Carpet Tinting and Dyeing - We can professionally restore or change the look of carpeting that is in good condition, but is currently faded, outdated, or an undesirable color - reviving its appearance, at a fraction of the cost of new!

Carpet Repairs - Our experts can mend most tears, burns, and permanent spots, extending the life of your carpeting.

Rug Cleaning (Oriental and Area Rugs) - We will test for dye fastness, and assess the make and fiber content of your rug(s) to determine which of our three professional processes are used for cleaning.

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