Attic Mold Removal


Mold in Your Attic?

At times, attic mold seems to appear ‘out of thin air’.

We’ve all learned in high school that mold can only exist with one thing- water. However, even when a roof isn’t leaking; there’s mold!

So what's wrong?

cold drinkThe most common reason for attic mold in West Michigan is actually not from direct leakage. Rather, the source of water comes from condensation.

Have you ever drunk an ice-cold Sprite on a hot summer day?

You’ll notice condensation on the surface of the bottle. This happens because the cold surface comes into contact with the warm air. In the same way, condensation forms in your attic because the temperature difference between the attic and outside.

Let’s look at an example from real-life.

It’s winter in Michigan, and I build a nice, warm house. Now, pretend that instead of a traditional roof, I use a gigantic bottle of ice cold-Sprite.

roof condensation

The condensation from the Sprite would drip water in the attic, (just like it did at the picnic!).

This may seem like a stupid example. However, this process of condensation accounts for the vast majority of mold colonization in Michigan residential attics.

So, next time you peak your head up into your attic and see mold, remember the ‘usual suspect’… Condensation.

So what is the solution?

Residential homes are designed with a simple, yet incredibly effective system. The system operates by channeling the natural flow of air. The air enters through the bottom of the roof, up the sheathing, and through the ridge vent.

good attic airflow

As long as there is sufficient air flow, the mold is unable to stay alive. However, the system is only as effect as the continuous flow of air. If something disrupts that process (squirrel nest, insulation blockage, poor construction, etc.) the system immediately breaks down.

blocked attic airflow

So, why is 616 Restore different?

All of our technicians are trained to identify areas which lack sufficient air flow. The fact that we are working ‘face-to-face’ with the actual mold makes it easy to locate the “smoking gun”. Often times, it only takes a minor adjustment to fully restore air flow.

For over 40 years, we’ve remediated thousands of homes. Our system is streamlined to perform the most effective remediation at an affordable cost.

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