A Note to Insurance Professionals

The Guarantee System process for insurance-based engagements is built on 3 principals. Also referred to as “the 3 P’s:" Personal, Professional, Performance.


The process of removing water from a homeowner’s residence necessitates a personal relationship.

This is not by OUR choice. And it’s certainly not by the HOMEOWNER’S choice. It’s a necessary dynamic.


In order to do our job effectively, we often access bedrooms, utility rooms, and other living areas which are seldom accessed by anyone but the family. We handle personal items, laundry, valuables, and pets. We often coordinate temporary sleeping arrangements. In short, the process of drying out a homeowner’s residence is by necessity a personal encounter.

Any reasonable homeowner would feel ‘out of their comfort zone’.

For this reason, it is essential to ensure that all employees are both naturally gifted, and also trained in a way to ensure that all homeowners are comfortable throughout the entire engagement.

Our goal is to put the homeowner at ease- both functionally and personally.

We turn Crisis into Calm.


The following mandates are not optional.

  • All employees address homeowner as Mr. or Mrs. Until requested otherwise.
  • All employees wear booties.
  • All employees must wear a blue shirt and tan pants.
  • All vans cleaned after every job.


Our performance is based on 3 components: Water Extraction, Air Movement, and Humidity Reduction.

  1. Water Extraction
    Typical carpet extractors (the standard used by water restoration professionals) are rated by cubic feet per minute (CFM). The standard carpet extractor performs at 200-300 CFMs.The Guarantee System Blue Line Thermowave is uniquely designed with dual cleaning wanes. When performing emergency extraction, we push all power through a single wand, resulting in a suction strength of 525 CFM; arguably the most powerful truck-mounted extractor on the market.
  2. Air Movement
    A typical centrifugal air mover will push 1500-1700 CFM, consuming 3 amps power.Phoenix FOCUS Axial Air Movers utilize quiet, calm operation pushing 3000 CFMs, remarkably pulling less amps at 2.5.
  3. Humidity Reduction
    Our standard dehumidifier is the Phoenix 200 Max.Based on rough conditions of 60% humidity and 80 degrees Fahrenheit, this model will extract 145 pints of water from the air every 24 hours, with a maximum removal of 31 gallons per day. The blower also circulates 365 cubic feet per minute, with approximate temperature output of 100 degrees Fahrenheit.


Through extensive research and observation, we feel that our process for insurance-based engagements has evolved to become unparalleled- both by performance and personal interaction.

Guarantee System, Building Restoration, Grand Rapids, MI

We turn crisis into calm.

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